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Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Below are copies of the meeting minutes from different township boards. Just click on the title of which section you'd like to view. Click on the date of the meeting you're interested in to view or download a pdf document.


Click on each title to see the Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes from that year.

Click on each title to see the Planning Commission Meeting Minutes from that year.

8/10/19 SP&Z Smart CUP Mtg

7/23/19 SP&Z Fisher CUP Mtg

If you would like to be on an agenda to address the board please contact Clerk: Sue Adkns @ 218-766-6272                    

Agendas listed are drafts and are subject to change as needed

3/26/19 Reg TB Meeting

3/12/19 Annual Twp Meeting 

2/26/19 Reg TB Meeting

7/24/18 Reg TB Meeting

7/24/18 Spl Road Policy Meeting


3/13/2018- Annual


1/23/18 RTB Mtg

1/23/18 STB CUP Mtg

1/23/18 SP&Z CUP Mtg

1/2/18- Spl Org Mtg.

11/28/17 RTB

11/28/17 SPL Rd MTG


10/17/2017 SPL MTG



07/25/2017 Spl Mtg

6/27/2017 Agenda

5/23/2017 Agenda

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